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Urine is one of the most difficult carpet spots to treat. Not only does it leave a stain and foul odor, it also attracts pets to the place over and over again.

Dog peed on the carpet? Don’t fret! Odor control issues have many causes. From severe odors caused by fire, smoke, mold, irresponsible tenants to invasive species.We have the unique combination of trained technicians, specialized equipment and products, which allows us to disinfect, deodorize and extract severe odors from your home or commercial structure regardless of the cause. Every case is different so may require different methods.

Gmat Carpet Cleaning  prides itself on being the best at odor removal. We can get rid of odors the other companies wouldn’t know how to deal with.
In the most severe cases, replacement of the carpet padding, treatment of the under  side of the carpet and the sub – floor may be required. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians can help you asses the contamination and help you make the most cost effective and best way of removing that odor.​Carpet seems to capture odors and hold onto them for dear life. These odors can be removed. We use the best products  to carpet  and destroys waste, fats, starch, blood and other odor producing material.Offensive odors we can eliminate include: smoke, fires, animal odors, urine, biological decomposition, post-mortem, mold, mildew, sewage, curry and protein-based odors and more.

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