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Terms of Service:

Terms of Use: Effective 4/1/2013

The use of the website or and the sale of products and services offered on this website and by our staff are governed by the terms and conditions, policies and terms and conditions of sale and services that appear on this site. . Web. Your use of this website in any way, whether you browse, activate an account with us or make a purchase or contract for our services, constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read the Terms and Conditions / terms of services and agree to follow them and be subject to them. Gmat Carpet Cleaning. web and, for no reason do we return the payment received for contracted and terminated services, see warranty policies. CLICK HERE and reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend that you read them carefully each time you use this website and before hiring and paying for the requested services.

We guarantee our price quotes and they are published on our website according to the needs of the client and the conditions of the carpets, floor, furniture, etc. If you are looking for the best value in carpet cleaning look no further. Our pricing structure keeps things very simple and straight forward. No surprises, no games, no add ons.

Not all cleaning of carpets, floor, furniture is the same. Different methods produce different results. You should not buy a carpet cleaner at the price alone. We offer a luxury cleaning service at very competitive prices against our competition. We maintain honesty and transparency and that is why we publish our prices for the different services we offer. Take into account the conditions of your carpets, floor and furniture and have an approximate of your guaranteed budget. Enjoy the personal touch of the owner who performs each job personally.

Our prices published on our website ( Starting price at $79 ) are guaranteed according to the needs of each client and the conditions of the carpets, floor, furniture, etc. Steam cleaning service (basic service) It is recommended only for carpets in perfect condition and is valid for Up to (12 ‘x 12’) rooms and the standard closet, not valid for a closet will be considered as an Up to ( 12 ‘x 12’). The extra large More of rooms (12 ‘x 12’ +) will be considered as 2 rooms. Our offer prices are valid only within zip codes 28078, 28031 plus a radius of 5 to 35 miles or more. An additional fee will apply. The pressure of the steam cleaning services (basic service) are for carpets in normal conditions that only require a basic washing service and frequent maintenance. There are cases in which additional services may be required and the prices are also guaranteed and published on our website in accordance with the conditions of the carpets, floor, furniture, etc. Some examples of these would be things like deep cleansing, severe spots of excessive pet spots, such as urine, blood and / or diarrhea, red clay, motor oil, etc. The room prices are not valid to treat the stairs. Steam cleaning price (basic service) Not valid for moving furniture. It is not valid for apartments or high-rise buildings. Gmat Carpet Cleaning is only responsible to buyers for the care and quality of the products and services advertised. * REMEMBER * $ 79.00 A minimum per visit is required within our work area. An additional fee will apply after 5 to 35 miles or more of zip codes 28078 and 28031 (additional charges will apply between $ 20 to $ 35 or more.) These prices apply only for residential service if you are looking for commercial service contact us at this link: CLICK HERE.

Cleaning (basic service) Does not include a $ 25 discount for the first contracted service only applies For the second service that contracts with us a $ 25 gift discount with an expiration date of 6 months from the date of your first service. will send you by email the next business day and you can use it as a discount at any time and only apply for the services we offer. The discount on your first $ 25 appointment only applies to estimates of $ 159 or more on contracted deep-cleaning services that include deodorant, pet odor, or some additional service to the basic service. It is recommended to vacuum carpets, furniture or fabrics before cleaning carpets and furniture. In case you need us to charge you for a room Up to (12 ‘x 12’) for $ 10 and for a room more of (12 ‘x 12’ +) $ 15. All our services and prices published on our website are accepted and approved by all persons or companies who contract residential or commercial services with us and are accepting the terms of service and conditions published on the website. All the services contracted and requested in our automated system, the client accepts the conditions and use of the same and commits to pay the total cost of the services. If the invoices are not paid at the end of the services or within the indicated period with prior authorization in writing of a credit approved for a maximum of 15 days to pay will be sent to an external collection department and this could affect your personal or business credit. Any additional expense caused by the collection will be paid by the person who requested the services.

Gmat Carpet Cleaning may check these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice. By using this web site you are agreeing to be bound by the current current version of these Terms and Conditions of 

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